Headshot Photography Sessions $160.00
Headshot Photography Sessions for personal, promotional or corporate needs. $160. for individuals
By adding 1 to your cart you are purchasing a headshot photo session with Code Eleven Studio at your location. Your date and time requests will be confirmed or adjusted to availability within 24 hours.
Group session base price is $260.00 plus $75. per person being photographed. (Standard 30 day billing) Corporate; Please e mail for booking and info...
Make your first impression count! Professional images for professional people… A small investment that insures the perfect self presentation that gets you noticed…

My Headshot Sessions offer five finished images in digital format. The five best images, chosen by you from the entire session will receive complete retouching embellishments including; Blemish removal, Teeth whitening, Skin softening (for women) Stray hair removal just to name a few… Your five completely edited, “finished” digital images will be delivered electronically and ready to use on all platforms such as; Social Media sites, Job Hunting sites, Email signatures or headers, Dating sites, Personal or Corporate websites, for printing on Business or Comp cards, for use in your Portfolio or Wall Art for your home or office. Additional images from the session may be purchased a la carte' at any time. Printing in all sizes and textures are available, as well as archive storage discs or USB drives.
Throughout your session we will shoot an array of different looks and perspectives giving you a variety of unique images to choose from for your marketing or promotional needs.
I bring the studio to you… your Home, Office or Business using portable dramatic lighting to enhance your best features. No special space requirements are needed, any small room or area will work fine with minimal disruption to your home or office environment. Outdoor Headshots produce nice results too and can be achieved just about anywhere.
Set up: generally takes one hour. Photo Sessions may be scheduled in as little as 10 minute intervals per subject per outfit change, however 20 to 30 minutes provides a more relaxed pleasing experience with the best results!
Preparation and advance planning is key for a successful shoot… backdrop selection, shooting time limitations, the intended use or purpose for these images to name a few, as well as the amount of facial editing liberties you are comfortable with, and any special cosmetic request you may have for your finished images. It is important these items are discussed during the planning of your session.
A Special note about photo editing: Nothing is etched in stone when it comes to digital photography. Whatever has been done can be undone… Digital photography and editing allows us to do just about anything you can imagine… Please, keep an open dialog with me pertaining to your image edits. I will be happy to work with you to ensure that you are thrilled with your images.
Indefinite Editing Service Included; Perhaps at a later date you decide that you would like to use your image on another platform however additional cropping or sizing is needed, I will take care of that for you at no additional charge. Contact me with the details using the original image file numbers.
Clothing for professionals; general business attire.
For all others; a range of necklines, from T-shirts and Tanks to Sweaters and Jackets. Layering different textures works well too… Please stay away from bold distracting prints that draw the attention away from your face. Turtleneck’s only work well with people with very long and thin necks. Colors that compliment your eye color work very well, even just a little bit in a Scarf or jewelry etc. Only select clothing that makes you feel good wearing them. Believe me if you are not comfortable it will be noticeable in your images no matter how much you try to avoid letting it show… Have fun with this shoot, go shopping for some new things that (wow! you), and leave the tags on in case you want to return them afterwards. We can hide them or remove them from your images.
Jewelry; Keep it simple. Small earrings and studs are fine… Large bulky or dangling items will distract from your face, not good!
Hair & Makeup for women; Starting your session your makeup should be light and natural, and as the session progresses if you wish, you can apply additional makeup for moodier more dramatic looks. Again, this will give you more choices in your final image selections.
Hair; your hair should be styled and ready as you generally wear it on your best hair day.
Grooming for men; in general no makeup, blemishes will be removed in post processing. Hair should be groomed as you normally wear it. Facial hair should be groomed and any length is fine. How you want to present yourself is the key.
Please note, Hair and Makeup is your responsibility, however, I can also provide professional artist’s for your session for additional fees. The artist’s fees will be paid directly by you on the day of your session and are not combined with any session pricing from Code Eleven Studio. These artists are freelance and their pricing and availability will need to be considered at the time of your booking.
Please contact me directly for any questions… Wayne@CodeElevenStudio.com I’m looking forward to your fabulous Headshot photo session.
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